Give a Gift for Christmas

Today, in the UK, there are over 4 million children living in poverty and with the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that is set to rise.  This means that many families don’t have access to basic items that support healthy early childhood learning and development.

This Christmas, through our partnership with Save the Children, we would like to provide some of those children with a Gift for Christmas.

Learn more about our UK programme
Learn more about our UK programme

Working with Save the Children

In their early years’ children explore the world around them, learning how to walk, talk, socialise and practice routines that provide good foundations for their childhood. Essentials like books and toys, a table to eat at and a bed to sleep in are often missing, and a daily struggle to make ends meet leads to fewer opportunities to nurture their children in play and learning. Despite parents trying their best, children from low-income families are 50% less likely to do as well as primary school as their peers. And when children fall behind, it’s almost impossible to catch up.

In 2018, Save the Children implemented a programme called Building Blocks which strives to alleviate the impact of material deprivation on families lives and engages parents in their children’s learning at home, so that every child is given the best start in life. GSK employees support this programme by donating 100% raised though Orange United in the UK to help fund this vital work. This is then matched by GSK. 

GSK UK employees have been supporting Save the Children’s work in the UK since 2014 and so far have supported 3,212 children and their families with their early learning development and education.

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