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Orange United Week, 17-21 October 2023

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About the UK programme

We support Save the Children’s vision where children in the UK live free from poverty and keep learning, so they can become who they want to be. Save the Children work closely with families, primary schools, health services, local authorities and children’s services, to help transform the home learning environment for children. Since 2013, GSK employees have supported some of the UK’s poorest families with young children with their generous donations, helping children to reach their full potential. 

Over four million children currently live in poverty in the UK, and the Coronavirus outbreak has further illuminated the underlying fragility of family support and household budgets, putting even more families on the brink of poverty. Therefore in April 2020, we took the decision to re-direct employee funds to support Save the Children’s Emergency Response to COVID-19, in order to respond to the urgent needs of struggling families with young children across the UK.

How to get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved in fundraising. Whether you want to take on a big or small challenge. Click below to find out more.

Photo credit: Save the Children

Gillie is an Assistant Head Teacher at a primary school in a deprived area in the UK. Watch the video below to learn about the struggles many children and families go through.

Where the money will go

Your support will help children achieve the future they deserve. Together, we’ll help make that difference to every child living in poverty across the world.

- £6 could pay for one week's supply of high-nutrient peanut paste to help treat a child with severe acute malnutrition

- £7 could provide water treatment and safe storage and collection kit

- £16 could provide a school kit filled with essentials sch as notebooks, pens and a bag, to help a child continue their education

- £24 could provide support to a vulnerable or unaccompanied child

- £54 could provide food for one month to a displaced family

- £123 could be a 'cash for winter' voucher for a family to buy what they need to survive a cold winter such as fuel, plastic sheets to cover a tent, and a stove

- £823 could establish and operate a mobile child protection space to travel between remote communities to identify and support vulnerable children in emergencies.